First Date. 10 Tips for your First Date

Best practices for finding your Love in Ireland and organizing your best Date:

Is it your first date? In DateinIreland we are always trying to help you to find your perfect match in Ireland. That´s why we have put together these 1o advices that will make that first date a piece of cake.

First Date
So pay attention as these tips will give you a head start with that one that ( who knows ) may be The One.

1. If you are a man, do not be late. Since women always feel the right to be 5 or 10 minutes later, do not get too anxious either. For women, be comprehensible, a man can be late as well as you, so do not get too angry if he takes a bit more time than you.

2. Dress as you feel comfortable but do not forget that you have a date, think ahead what you want to wear according to the occasion and do not leave it until the last moment to avoid having a pre-date panic attack.

3. Do some previous research in what or where she or he would love it most: type of food, music, movie range… Measure as well what do you like and plan something that can be just perfect for both of you.

4. Bringing flowers or not? Think functionally and do not buy a big branch that you may have to carry the whole night. You can always send her flowers the next morning instead.

5. Try to listen but not all the time, you make feel the other person embarrassed for making all the talking.

6. And why not something different? Rather than a dinner or a drink maybe you could go the park or to the mountains and have a lovely walk and a picnic. Check the weather forecast first not to have your date watered down.

7. Talk about your job just enough. Remember it is a date not a business meeting. You want to explain what you do for a living but talk also about your hobbies and personal interests.

8. Never talk about previous girls or boyfriends, at least not in your fist date. Someone new deserves something new and comparisons are always awful.

9. Do not get too serious not too superfluous. Things as marriage and children can always wait. If you are really looking for something serious, make sure you arrange for a second date. In the event of fire, think twice, do you want a sporadic love or someone to care for.

10. Be always funny. Making someone laugh will earn you half of his/her heart.

So whether you are looking for tips for a first date in Dublin or a first date in Galway or in an other part of Ireland get the best ideas in this blog. Happy dating!

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