Your Online Dating Profile

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Your Online Dating Profile

Which picture shall I choose?

Think carefully. Profile pics may be the first contact that someone looking for a date check from you. So that, when you select a picture for your profile  the fact that you are smiling or you look flirtuous or serious can be essential in the type of relationship you are about to start.

Best practice is to choose a picture that agrees with your character and most likely with the type of person you are interested in.

However, only your picture won’t be enough to catch someone´s attention. A description of yourself that matches the pic of your profile is the second thing to take into account. Tell the type of person you are: a dreamer, a gentleman, an sports fan, a social person… Being just yourself  is the core.

Secondly, someone who is about to date with you needs to know what  are your interests, do you like sports, music, going to the movies?… Obviously our likings may be more complex than that but for your first date it would be always easier to share something in common.

Lastly, do not be afraid and say openly the sort of relationship you are looking for, some people are looking for love, some others for a friendship, many just for company or someone to talk to, ask yourself  first what are you looking for in order to find the perfect match.

In conclusion, a picture and few lines about your interests will not make who you really are but  it is an initial contact and a good ice breaker and surely puts you in the right path for knowing the person you are looking for, if he or she does not find you first.

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